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Compare Holidays To Turkey

If you are looking for a great value holiday destination, you really should compare holidays to Turkey. Turkey is a really beautiful country which offers something for everyone – from stunning beaches to quiet romantic hideaways.

What’s The Best Way To Compare Holidays To Turkey

You’ll probably want to start to compare holidays to Turkey by looking at the top three resorts in Turkey, which are Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. To help you to find the right Turkey holidays for your needs, here’s an overview of these three resorts together with their features and benefits.

Top Resorts To Consider When You Compare Holidays To Turkey

  1. Bodrum. Many people feel that Bodrum is the best overall holiday resort in Turkey. Bodrum is in the south west of Turkey, and around 30 minutes drive from the International Airport. Bodrum dates back to the 6th century, and was previously known as Halicarnassus. It’s a very cosmopolitan region, and full of rich architecture and historic ruins. In terms of its facilities, When you start to compare holidays to Turkey, be sure to take a look at Bodrum – it’s well known for its active night-life, and has something to suit virtually everyone – ranging from sightseeing, lots of shopping, sunbathing, dancing, sailing and great restaurants.
  2. Marmaris. The second most popular destination when people compare holidays to Turkey is the resort of Marmaris, which is situated in the South West part of Turkey – around 70 minutes away from the International Airport. Marmaris is one of the most progressive and well organised Turkish resorts. It has a wealth of amenities including a superb marina, and a wealth of beaches for sunbathing and swimming. The area enjoys a beautiful coastline, which is surrounded by scenic pine tree laden mountains. If you love shopping, Marmaris is the place to look for when you compare holidays to Turkey as you’ll find lots of jewellery, leather goods and every type of souvenir imaginable.
  3. Fethiye. If you love great beaches, Fethiye is definitely worth considering. Fethiye is located in the South West region of Turkey, and around 60 minutes drive from the International Airport. When you start to compare holidays to Turkey, you’ll usually see some great Fethiye deals coming up. It is a truly outstanding area which is encircled by high mountains and forests filled with pine trees. Fethiye was once a major city in ancient times, and has a stunning historic theatre which can seat over 10,000 people. It also has the blue lagoon beach of Oludeniz, which is arguably Turkey’s most famous beach. If you love water-sports, sailing, scuba diving or just relaxing on the beach, Fethiye could be the right choice for you. So be sure to look out for it when you compare holidays to Turkey.

Now you know a little more about the best resorts to visit in Turkey, be sure to look out for them when you compare holidays to Turkey.

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