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Cheap Holidays To Florida 2011 – Our Top 12 Tips

If you’re looking for cheap holidays to Florida 2011, we can help you to save a fortune and enjoy a fantastic Florida vacation on a very limited budget.

Just follow these simple tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy cheap holidays to Florida 2011 at a fraction of the normal rates.

How To Get Cheap Holidays To Florida 2011

Buy Everything Online. Don’t be tempted to use a ‘high street’ travel agent, as you’ll have less choice and pay a lot more for your Florida holiday. Instead, buy everything online and benefit from cheap holidays to Florida 2011 with the best discounts.

Check Package Deals Prices Carefully. Package holiday deals which include flights, accommodation and car hire may initially seem attractive. However, in the current climate, virtually everyone will offer you a healthy discount if you ask for it. It’s a good idea to first look at package prices for cheap holidays to Florida 2011 online. Then search for the parts like flights, hotel and car hire individually. The chances are that you’ll be able to save money by making your own ‘package’.

Take Advantage Of Late Deals. If you can travel at short notice, you can typically get cheap holidays to Florida 2011 for up to 60% off normal prices.

Avoid Peak Times. During peak season, prices skyrocket making cheap holidays to Florida 2011 very scarce. As Florida weather is good all year round, plan your holiday during off-peak times to get really cheap holidays to Florida 2011 and benefit from significantly lower flight rates and hotel prices.

Buy Attraction Tickets In Advance. If you are planning on visiting any Florida theme parks, always buy your tickets online before you go. If you do this, you’ll generally save between 30% to 45% off the normal admission prices – all adding to the savings for your cheap holidays to Florida 2011.

Get Multi-Day Passes. If you are planning on visiting large theme parks like Disney or Universal Studios, there is too much to see in just one day. Rather than pay the daily rate each time you visit, you can buy a multi-day pass and come and go as much as you please. For really cheap holidays to Florida 2011, you can get Disney’s Ultimate 14 Day Ticket for around £200 / $300 (adult).

This gives you 14 days unlimited access to the four Disney World parks, two water parks, the Disney Quest indoor theme park, Disney’s Oak Trail golf course and the World of Sports Complex. As normal Disney park admission prices are $82 per day (adult) a multi-day pass will save you a fortune. Remember that getting cheap holidays to Florida 2011 shouldn’t cost you the earth!

Do You Really Need A Car? If you are staying in a central hotel, public transport is plentiful and cheap. Remember that you’ll probably just be driving to and from attractions, so you may not need a car. And if you do need a car for longer trips, you can always hire one for the odd day or two while you are there. This will greatly cut the costs of your cheap holidays to Florida 2011.

Don’t Stay At Resort Hotels. You’ll probably spend very little time in your hotel room, as you’ll be out enjoying yourself. As you want to find cheap holidays to Florida 2011, why waste money on expensive hotel accommodation that you’ll hardly use? There are thousands of budget hotels in Florida, and you can book a room which sleeps up to 6 people for around $50 a night (that’s the room rate, not per person)

And although you are looking for cheap holidays to Florida 2011, don’t be concerned by the low prices. Budget hotels in Florida are often part of large chains. They are clean, usually have their own pools and may even give you a complimentary buffet breakfast!

If you are planning to visit Disney and Universal Studios, check out the budget hotels on International Drive. There’s loads to choose from, and there are lots of buses which will take you right into the theme parks. Book your budget hotels online, and save a fortune.

Enjoy Cheap Holidays To Florida 2011 When You Arrive

Look For Coupons. When you are in Florida, you’ll find discount coupons for everything – including attractions, restaurants and shops – so be sure to look for them (and remember to use them!) If you get stuck, just ask at your hotel as they will have stacks of them. This can make a huge difference between paying the earth and enjoying cheap holidays to Florida 2011.

Use “All You Can Eat” Buffets. Most restaurants have deals where you can eat as much as you like for a fixed price – usually between $5 to $10 per person. If you want to enjoy cheap holidays to Florida 2011, buy snacks at a supermarket and have one big meal per day at an “All You Can Eat” Buffet.

Take A Water Bottle. Once you are inside a theme park, the cost of drinks is extortionate. So take a water bottle into the park and fill it for free from the water dispensers – saving you a few more pennies on your cheap holidays to Florida 2011.

Shop At Factory Outlets. Don’t buy merchandise from theme parks at inflated prices. For cheap holidays to Florida 2011, be sure to visit factory outlet shops such as Orlando Premium Outlets and pick up official Disney products for a fraction of their usual prices.

Finally, if you’re not sure where to visit, here are some popular resorts to look for when you compare holidays to Florida.

Why Not Now Search Online And See The Savings For Yourself?

These tips and suggestions are all practical, tried and tested. I’ve used them myself when I visited Florida for my own holidays, and saved several thousand dollars as a result.

So use them and have a search around to see the savings you can make for yourself – it’s easy to get cheap holidays to Florida 2011 for far less than you may expect. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the savings yourself and have a fantastic Florida holiday!