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Compare Holidays Yourself And Save A Small Fortune

Most people don’t compare holidays themselves – instead relying on a travel agent to find holiday deals for them. But this can be an expensive mistake, as you’ll usually end up paying considerably more than you need to!

After all travel agents are in business to sell holidays, and the more expensive a holiday is then the more commission they’ll make.

But when you compare holidays yourself, you can see the best offers and holiday deals that are available in the marketplace. Not only will you save money, but you’ll often pick up a far better quality holiday into the bargain.

To start off on the right track when you search, here are some of our “insider tips” to help you compare holidays. Follow these handy tips and you’ll save time, money and get the right holiday you deserve for a lot less.

Why Should You Compare Holidays?

  • More Choice. Most travel agents usually only sell a limited range of holidays from a few companies. When you compare holidays, you can look at all holidays available in the marketplace from every holiday company.
  • Greater Savings. When you buy direct, there’s no travel agents commission to pay. This means you can buy your holiday at wholesale prices and pay a lot less.
  • Better Bargaining Power. Holiday companies need to sell holidays. Once they know you want to check out the available holidays yourself and ‘buy direct’, they will often undercut one another to get your business.
  • Access To Special Deals. Holiday companies frequently offer special deals or heavily discount the costs of ‘last minute’ holidays. When you regularly compare holidays, you’ll soon spot these bargains and be able to immediately take advantage of them.
  • You’ll Save Time When You Compare Holidays. Rather than wasting hours visiting ‘high street’ travel agents, you can view and check holidays online at any time that’s convenient to you.

Compare Holidays The Right Way

With literally thousands of holidays to choose from, how do you compare holidays to find the right one? Just follow these easy steps to compare holiday deals, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save in no time at all:

  1. Get Some Ideas. While it’s fresh in your mind, visit some holiday company websites to see what’s available. There’s no need to compare deals just yet – have a casual browse around to see what Countries are popular, and get a rough idea of prices.
  2. Make A Shortlist. After browsing around, make a list of all the Countries (and maybe resorts) that you would like to visit. Then choose the Country you would like to visit the most and put it at the top of your list (you’ll use this list to help you to compare the various holidays)
  3. Start Your Search. When you’ve decided on your top destination, check the holiday company websites to see what holidays are actually on offer.
  4. Find Your Ideal Holiday. Choose a holiday you like that’s in your price range. Then visit a site like TripAdvisor to check out independent reviews for your hotel and learn more about it.
  5. Compare Holidays And Prices. The easiest way of doing this is to type the exactly holiday into a search engine like Google (for example: “compare holidays 5* Rio Palace Hotel Mexico”), and then visit the companies that appear in the results to see what rates they will offer you. And as you look at the holidays on offer, don’t be surprised if there’s a big price difference for the same holiday quoted by different companies (this is exactly why you compare holidays and prices, after all!)
  6. Find The Cheapest Quote. When you’ve found the cheapest quote, first telephone the holiday company to make sure that the holiday is available and confirm that there are no extra charges which need to be added.
  7. Book Your Holiday!. If you are happy with the package and the holiday company, go ahead and book your dream holiday. Then work out how much you’ve saved – it really is that simple

A Few More Tips To Help You Compare Holidays

  • Want The Lowest Holiday Prices?. You’ll get the very best discounts if you can book a last minute getaway. If you are flexible, it’s possible to get great holidays at up to 80% off normal prices. So if you have a little freedom with your choice of vacation dates, it will often pay big dividends.
  • Buy Travel Insurance First. Always buy travel insurance before you actually book your holiday, so you are protected if the holiday company goes bust. Check our guide on how to compare holidays insurance and save money here.
  • Try To Avoid Booking Holidays In The School Holidays. If you don’t have children, try to avoid booking during the school holiday period as holidays are in short supply and prices are a lot higher (if you compare holidays either side of the school vacation period, you’ll see huge price differences)

By following these simple tips, you’ll save time and money when you compare holidays. So have a great time as you compare holidays, and remember to send us a postcard!

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